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Fog systems can be used in small residential backyards as well as large commercial venues. They can provide efficient and effective outdoor cooling for any size area or they can allow for precisely increased humidity levels in large commercial storage facilities and greenhouses. The evaporative characteristics of water, and the micron size droplets that a fog system can create means environmental control of temperature and humidity is easily achievable.

This site is designed to provide information to help answer some of the more basic questions about what a fog system is, how it works, the differences between various products, and the many different applications where fog systems are useful.

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Outdoor fog systems have been effectively used in outdoor cooling applications for decades. These systems, when properly designed and installed, can provide cooling of outdoor temperatures by up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit with virtually no noticeable increase in the relative humidity. Applications will include restaurants, theme parks, hotels and resorts, spectator arenas, tennis courts, golf facilities, boats and RVs, fountains, waterfalls, and patios, etc. By using 1000 PSI, atomizing the water droplets to a size as small as 5 microns (5 millionths of a meter) in diameter is possible. At this level, 'flash evaporation' occurs reducing the ambient temperature. This process, known as 'Thermal Dynamics', is effective because water requires energy (600 calories of heat to evaporate 1 gram of water) to evaporate. This energy exchange results in reduced temperatures.

The overall effectiveness of the system will depend on existing temperature and humidity levels. As the temperature rises (85 degrees Fahrenheit to 115 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal), and humidity levels drop (above 90% performance is marginal, 40% to 90% performance is good, below 40% performance is excellent), the systems results can be dramatic. As with any evaporative cooling process, the more moisture evaporated, the greater the cooling results with Fog systems.